About Us

SYBET – the innovative solutions for mine industry



We are the polish company offering an innovative solutions for the mining industry. We design and produce the communication, monitoring and personnel tracking systems for mines. We employ top class specialists in the field of electronics, computer science, physics. Our priority is to provide to our customers the highest quality products. Our products are made to order, according to the needs and preferences of our customers.

Our systems of communications, monitoring and personnel tracking are certified with ATEX. This means that they can be safely used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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Our mission

You and your company, are one of two Partners, who we would like to build and maintain fair balance with.


Clients, you and your company, should be satisfied with the purchase and the implementation of our devices, which contribute to ensure safety and increase in work effectiveness. SYBET Ltd. and our employees, would like to get satisfaction from playing useful role, participating in valuable activity, as well as from work conditions.

Our investors intend to strengthen market position by taking advantage from the synergy of competences and development potentials.

Your content, as well as our employees’ and investors’ satisfaction, are the benchmark of SYBET Ltd. success.


Quality policy

Quality is defined by us as the competencies growth, according to the scheme below:


Your acceptance for our product we regard as the quality. Identification, understanding and evidence of your needs, to design our systems in accordance with them, as well as fulfilling them, are our priority and success key.

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