The Console-X is a stationery or portable radio device equipped with large TFT display, touch keypad and data transmission connectors.


The Console-X depending on its version has a various application. The device enables bidirectional data transmission (radio or cable).

There are three variants of the device:

  • Console-AntiCollision (Console-A) – stationery device. Its main task is to detect nearby radio transponders and generate audio-visual warning if there are unauthorized ones among other transponders.
  • Console-Rescue (Console-R) – portable device. This device is dedicated to support the rescue operation.
  • Console-Logistic (Console-L) – stationery device. The device is a part of the personel and materials location system.
Additional information

Variants of the device equipment:

  • Console-A – acoustic and luminous signaller, the CAN transmission
  • Console-R – acoustic, luminous and vibrating signaller
  • Console-L – none
ATEX certificate

The Console-X is available in two versions:

  • intrinsically safe – the device complies with ATEX restrictions and can be used in hazardous areas
  • non-intrinsically safe
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