PORTAL – the central unit

The PORTAL device is an signal router. It enables formation of radio access network infrastructures in underground conditions. PORTAL can be used as a part of communication systems infrastructure, data transmission, underground identification and localization of the personnel and materials.


PORTAL has got one central unit, PORTAL+ expansion module and battery backup module.
PORTAL enables connection, usage and compatibility with other devices that comprise identification system, such as: RFnode, WireNode, WireNodeIO, Switch OPIS, ExLPS Power supply, MinerSearch, PersonalTAG, Ultra TAG, Ultra TAG-B, TagScaner and network devices: Ethernet or Wi-Fi Ethernet standard.

Main features:

  • 12 hours battery backup
  • ability to connect with 5 main lines of radio node
  • operates with 16 probes of radio gateway
  • built-in Hirschmann switch (optional)
  • AP WiFi AVAYA (optional)
Standards and functions

PORTAL operating standards and funkctions:

• Support 100-BASE-FX and 1000-BASE-X for all ports comprising PORTAL+ module switch
• Service of standards: IEEE802.3; IEEE802.3u; IEEE 802.3ab; IEEE 802.3z
• Using WRED for frames of unlimited length
• Multilevel planning QoS
• Synchronous Ethernet of first layer
• Conformity to IEEE 802.3az
• To 8192 MAC addresses
• To 4096 VLAN (IEEE802.1Q)
• Channel aggregation (IEEE 802.3ad)
• Support for NTP
• Support for Provider Bridging (IEEE 802.1ad)
• Support for RSTP (IEEE 802.1w)
• Support for MSTP (IEEE 802.1s)
• Support for frames up to 10kB per port with MTU program
• To 8192 multicast groups L2/IPv4/IPv6
• Support for IGMP version 2 and 3
• Support for MLD version 1 and 2

• Hardware assisted ITU-T G.8031 and ITU-T G.8032
• Support for IEEE1588
• Compatibility with RIP v1 and v2
• Control over full-duplex flow (IEEE 802.3X; IEEE802.1Qbb)
• Access control (IEEE 802.1X)

– isolated RS485ports
– intrinsically safe „FAST ETHERNET” fibre ports
– intrinsically safe „GIGABIT ETHERNET” fibre ports
– ISM wireless transmission
– Wi-Fi transmission
– service of cable/wireless IP/VoIP telephony
– service of the Video signal transmission;

ATEX certificate

The PORTAL Central miner’s cap lamp is available in two versions:

  • intrinsically safe – the device complies with ATEX restrictions and can be used in hazardous areas
  • non-intrinsically safe
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