The SafeLight is a miner's cap lamp used in underground excavations.


The Safelight is used to illuminate workplaces in underground mining, where there is no a sufficient degree of illumination. The device is powered by Safelight built-in battery pack. The lamp is equipped with a button and a power connector device. Optionally, the SafeLight can be equipped with a radio transmitter and a display. All electronics are placed in a plastic housing PA66.

The SafeLight features:

  • stabilized level of brightness
  • adjustable lighting angle
  • built-in UHF 868MHz TAG (location, lamp room system, data transmission, SMS)
  • built-in VHF GLON/LOK  transmitter
  • sensors: motion sensor, position sensor, voltage sensor, GLON/LOK operating sensor
  • special version equipped with display
available versions

The SafeLight device is a variant construction and is available in two versions:

SafeLight Basic – basic version

  • luminous signaller

SafeLight Pro – special version

  • luminous signaller
  • acoustic signaller
  • TAG transponder
  • VHF transmitter


ATEX certificate

The SafeLight miner’s cap lamp is available in two versions:

  • intrinsically safe – the device complies with ATEX restrictions and can be used in hazardous areas
  • non-intrinsically safe
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