The UltraTAG-L transponder is a radio-transmitting and receiving device used in personnel and materials localisation systems.


The UltraTAG-L enables bidirectional data radio-transmission. The device does not have its own battery power supply. UltraTAG-L obtains power supply from the block of batteries in the miner’s lamp, in which it is installed. Every UltraTAG-L is equipped with an independent transmission slot, which may optionally be used for exchange of the data or realization of elaborate transmission functions of the system.

Additional information

Depending on the options of the whole system, the use of the UltraTAG-L transponder enables to:

  • keep the record of attendance of personnel underground
  • monitoring of the crew’s movement in specific underground areas
  • supervise the number of people, materials in the specific zone underground
  • supervise the maximum time limit of staying in the specific zone
  • monitoring the temperature in surrounding workplace
  • an automatic alarm when detected the immobility of the miner’s lamp (immobility detector)
  • monitoring of the miner’s cap lamp battery voltage
  • remote searching for the missing personnel with an accuracy of 5 meters (does not apply to search after a collapse)
  • automatic surveillance of the rescue team presence
  • function of an automatic lamp room control (charging presence, time, status, voltage)
  • automatic and autonomous control over the GLON transmitter (signal presence, channel, precise frequency measurement). It does not interrupt with the proper activity of the GLON transmitter

By connecting UltraTAG-L to a wired communication port, it is possible to:

  •  transmit short messages with confirmations
  • call for help
ATEX certificate

The UltraTAG-L is available in two versions:

  • intrinsically safe – the device complies with ATEX restrictions and can be used in hazardous areas
  • non-intrinsically safe

Systems related with this device:

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