The PORTAS is an innovative, intrinsically safe radio frequency personnel localization system in the underground mines.


Risk reduction within danger zone
PORTAS system enables reduction in number of people staying in danger zone and control of time spent in harmful conditions. System generates information on exceeding the allowed number of personnel and permitted time limit. Information is available for employees staying underground.

Rescue operation support
During rescue operation PORTAS system provides information on number of people staying in danger zone. It also delivers evidence of persons evacuated from danger zone and getting on the ground. PORTAS supports searching for the faint people by monitoring immobility and position of the miners’ lamps.

Short messages transmission
PORTAS system transmits short messages to the lamps equipped with the alphanumeric display. It is possible to obtain sending confirmation, report on delivery and reading confirmation.

Immobility detection
PORTAS system enables detection of the lamp immobility together with its position. The mobility sensor is an integral part of personal tag (UltraTag-L), installed in the miner’s lamps. The lamp mobility following function can be activated in defined areas, if it is within the radio range of PORTAS system. If the immobility of lying or overturned lamp is detected, the automatic alarm turns on. Intentional placing of the lamp vertically does not detect the alarm.

LF transmitter
PORTAS system enables control over the LF transmitter activity.

Lamp room supervision
PORTAS system can act as an automatic supervision of the lamp room. It provides current control over the charging process (battery level and charging time), as well as supervises the lamp activity correctness (battery usage, personal tag usage and LF transmitter usage). PORTAS system can be used for materials and assets underground tracking. Thanks to battery tags (UltraTAG-B), placed on trolleys or cargo, the supervision of transport within the mine is possible.


PORTAS system makes use of the RFID technology to identify personal tags movement trough localization gates.

Implementation of the active RFID technology enables simultaneous tracking of high number of personal tags, provides high reliability of tag movement identification, as well as wide range of radio communication for the supporting function.

PORTAS system distinguished itself from other collision-free solutions based on RFID technology, since it has been originally designed to provide personnel localization function. Most of RFID systems implemented in the underground mines is specialized in delivering collision-free solutions.
There are very few practical devices regarding underground personnel

Active personal tags application does not require any additional actions to confirm employees presence, such as passing ID card to the reader. Since mining lamp is an obligatory component of every miner’s equipment, tag installation in it eliminates the possibility of forgetting, losing or dismantling tag by an employee.


PORTAS system make use of the active personal tags (transponders UltraTAG-L), which are the components of mining lamps. Each employee receives personalized tag installed in mining lamp. After being installed, UltraTAG-L is assigned to the lamp and precisely identifies employee who uses it. The tag construction enables its installation in most types of mining lamps available worldwide.

Signal transmitted by personal tag is received by radio nodes of localization gates which are placed on the border of defined zones. The gate purpose is to identify employee’s movement from one zone to another. Gates location depends on zone type and is of large importance for efficiency of the entire personnel localization system operation.

Radio nodes configuration is determined by the type of underground crossroad on which gate is placed, as well as by the precision of information which should be generated.

Intrinsically safe data transmission

Localization gates can be connected by optical fiber cable or copper cable. Gate central processing unit is equipped with two types of ports: 100Base-LX and RS485is. In case of optical fiber cable, medium consist of two singlemode optical fibers. In case of copper cable, dedicated system cable or existing telecommunication line can be used.

For PORTAS system we suggest configuration where backbone of data transmission system is built on optical fiber cable infrastructure. Within remaining areas, esp. excavation zones, transmission is carried out with the use of copper cable. This allows to take advantage of high optical fiber bandwidth, as well as conjunction and ease of service of copper connections.

Localization gates, connected in chosen configurations, collocate with the system exchange placed on the mine surface. The system exchange
is integrated with client’s LAN.

Cooperation with other systems

Thanks to open architecture and use of standard mechanisms of SQL database access, PORTAS system can cooperate with virtually any dispatcher’s system. Chosen data regarding personnel location, as well as transportation and operating status of assets and transmission network, can be available for presentation in other system throughout computer network or dedicated transmission channel.
The same mechanisms also enable cooperation with the alarm-broadcasting system, such as SAT system manufactured by TELVIS Ltd., in order to automatically broadcast emergency and alarm messages regarding state of personnel or time spent in limited stay zones. Use of identification mechanisms also extends functionality of communication system, such as: automatic caller identification, detection and identification of personnel staying in direct surrounding of a telephone or loud-speaking telephone, possibility of addressing messages to particular person in a given location.

Thanks to flexible system software design, it is also easy to adjust information exchange mode to requirements of external information systems, which do not make standard open transmission protocols available. Because all software of the PORTAS system is written by SYBET Ltd., adjustment of information exchange scope and mode is not a problem even in case of very specific conditions. It allows maximum integration with the other systems and use of full functional possibilities of such connection.

PORTAS attributes


Intrinsically safety

All components of PORTAS system operating in the explosion risk zone, have ATEX certificates for continuous operations at any methane level. Electric circuits have “ia” protection level, while optic devices “op is”.

Operating comfort and maintenance simplicity

PORTAS system has been designed and manufactured to provide operating comfort. Client can benefit from its all functions by himself. Self reconfiguration with advance of longwalls and self-installation in new excavations
is possible.




PORTAS as a safety system must meet requirements defined for the higher reliability systems, therefore several technical means have been applied.

The active redundancy was applied for the bus connections, which can be carried out in parallel by means of two different busses simultaneously maintain independent operations for up to 12 hourse Rugged construction Active redundancy waterproofness dusttightness chemical resistance mechanical resistance thermic resistance QoS protocol informing on damage that requires repair fiber cable copper cable optical fiber and copper. At the same time the system is equipped with the QoS protocol, which enables current tracking of operations correctness of all system devices and transmission lines. In case of transmission line damage, the system is operating continuously and informs about damage that requires repair.

For each designed PORTAS system, passive redundancy is defined as a set of spare parts and installation procedures.

PORTAS is also protected from power failure. Devices are equipped with their own buffers to maintain independent operations sufficient for up to 12 hours.

All electronic equipment meet every intrinsically safety requirement and have rugged construction for use in the toughest industrial conditions. The construction guarantees waterproofness, dusttightness, as well as thermic, chemical and mechanical resistance.

Cooperation with SYBET Ltd.

SYBET Ltd. combines innovations with the specialized knowledge and longterm
experience gained through operating in the coal mining environment.
Our flagship product is PORTAS – innovative, intrinsically safe radio frequency
system of personnel localization and assets tracking, dedicated for the
underground mines. Our priority is to meet clients’ needs and expectations
by providing highest quality, original intrinsically safe electronic devices.
PORTAS system is designed and valuated individually for each client, with
regards to its particular needs and requirements. SYBET Ltd. prefers conducting
on-site visit at client to provide preliminary project assumptions,
with possible cost valuation. Client’s approval to the proposal initiates
process of PORTAS system manufacturing and implementation. SYBET Ltd.
offers complete warranty service of the produced equipment.


Devices that are using this system:

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