The PORTAS DLF a wireless communication, alarm, broadcasting, location, anticollision, supporting rescue operation and data transmission system.


The PORTAS DLF System:

  • enable to machinery localization and supervise the underground extraction
  • provide communication in the front of extraction gallery
  • has wireless alarm and broadcasting functions
  • enable to measure the atmosphere and data transmission from the front of extraction gallery
  • allows simultaneous development of the planned, open telecommunications infrastructure

Use of the PORTAS DLF System:

  • machinery localization and supervise the underground extraction
  • wireless communication on the front of the extraction gallery
  • wireless alarm-broadcasting system
  • personnel location
  • warning against the risk of a collision
  • group of rescuers supervision
  • wireless system for the lamp room
  • VoIP communication system
  • expansion of the fiber infrastructure, WiFi and VoIP communications
  • cooperation with the alarm broadcasting system
  • cooperation with the digital leaky feeder system
  • portable gas measurement supervision


Useful structure:

  • housing and sockets with level of protection IP67
  • the installation requires only a screwdriver
  • anti-corrosion construction: plastic and steel 316L
  • convenient to use, high quality angle joint
  • easy to maintain cabling system
  • handy replacement service
  • remote controlled firmware


Devices that are using this system:

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